T25 Day 2: Speed 1.0 & Meals for the day

Today’s Focus T25 workout was Speed 1.0.  As described on the DVD, “This fast-paced cardio workout improves speed and focuses on stretching, stability, and sweat.  It’s your foundation for all the Speed workouts.”

This was a little bit challenging and fast but for the most part I kept up with Shaun T.  There were a few times I had to go with the modifier.  What I liked most about this workout is that you would do a burst of cardio then immediately  slow it down with a stretch then burst back into the cardio and then stretch an so-on.  Then towards the end you do the “burn out”.  This is where you go back and do all the moves your learned and you give it all you got.


I like the exercises Shaun chose for this workout.  Sorta felt a little “dancy” to me and I liked it! There is one part where we have to do burpees and thank you SO much Chalene or preparing me for these.  This was a move we did a lot in Turbofire and while it was tough at first to do I can do them and I feel awesome when I do! :D  (cheesy, I know!).

By the time it was all over with I was sweating like crazy and had burned 270 in 25 minutes.  The way I feel after I workout hard is so awesome.  I feel so energized and ready to take the world!


(I know i’ve used this pic in several blog posts but I just LOVE it, lol!!! :D)

Ok, I wanted to give you an idea of my meals for today.  My husband and I have really been trying to eat healthier and we both feel much better as a result of that.  So here is the menu for the day:


Vegan Chocolate Shakeology with strawberries, peaches, pineapple & mango & vanilla almond milk.  I LOVE it!! I should be getting my Vanilla Shakeology in this week!! I’m so pumped about that!!!! :D :D :D



Healthy Chicken Salad.  The hubby and I love chicken salad and instead  of using mayo I used Veganaise.  It’s basically a vegetarian mayo.  We both love the grape seed oil flavored one.  I used that and some mustard and a little salt & pepper.  I don’t have to have this but my husband loves a hard boiled egg in his so I added that too.  I usually like fruit in mine but he doesn’t so I just put my grapes to the side and eat them along with my salad.  Today I used Mission Artisan soft tortillas Corn and Whole Wheat blend.  These are yummy!!! I wanted to put some tomato and avocado in my wrap but I was running late. :(    And for a side I had some left over quinoa mixed with tomatoes, chili beans, and corn.  My husband and I recently discovered quinoa and we LOVE it!!  And of course for the after noon snack, some fruit and a granola bar. :)



Crockpot Spaghetti with chicken and Fusili noodles (you can find them on nuts.com).  This will be my first time to try the Fusili noodles.  I had a friend give these to us to try and we both loved them!  I will be placing an order soon! The spaghetti sauce is all natural and gluten-free and it’s very yummy!! I has a sorta sweetness and tanginess to it.  For a side you can’t go wrong with steamed broccoli!  We love to season ours with salt and pepper.


For cooking in the crockpot: I used fresh chicken and poured in the spaghetti sauce.  Then I add a little water to the jar to get out the remaining sauce and poured that into the crockpot.  I then cooked on low for 7 hours.  The chicken just falls apart, it’s so tender!  Random fact: I love my crockpot because it’s programmable!! So it will shut off automatically! :D

bon appétit!


Our daily cupcake:

Jeremiah: 17:7

 “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord,
whose confidence is in him.


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