Double Day Friday: Focus T25 Cardio and Lower Body

Whew!!!! I just finished the second half of my workout today, Cardio.  Today is what Shaun T likes to call Double Day Friday.  This is where there are two Focus T25 workouts scheduled. First I did  Lower Body.  I decided to break up the workouts and not do them back-to-back.  I already knew that the cardio had a pretty decent lower body workout so I may not would have made it if I had done them both together!


Lower Body is a great workout! I really enjoyed this one!  I’ve noticed that squats are so much easier to do now ever since I completed Turbofire.  Granted the burn hurts but I know that it’s a great lower body workout.  I do believe that I am going to have spaghetti legs tomorrow for sure though BUT it’s “STATurday”,  It is a rest day and we also have to take our stats for the week. I took my starting stats this past Monday so I will post those tomorrow along with my current stats.


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